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Hi, I'm Elizabeth Georgian. My first time publishing an academic article, I absolutely had no idea how long and complex the process could be. And I had no one to guide me through it. I want to change that. My aim is to support graduate students and academics wishing to produce and publish quality articles to reach their professional goals. I offer several different services suited to formulating and organizing ideas, writing an article or dissertation chapter, addressing questions in the publication process, and more.






Get one-on-one help with the structure and content of your academic article or dissertation over the course of one month. This service is perfect for biologists, botanists, or ethnobotanists seeking guidance in anything from organizing their writing to searching for appropriate journals, and formatting their article. This is also a great option if you have written an article that has been returned without review.


Article Feedback

This is a great option if you'd like a second look at your article. I'll read one draft to provide feedback, guidance, and comments. I'll also suggest appropriate target journals.


Abstract assistance

This is a great option if you've never written an abstract before or if you feel your abstract needs work. Included in this service, I will read and edit your abstract twice and work together with you via email or Google Docs to perfect it.


group guidance

Organize a meeting with a group of your peers to get guided group help from me. This is a budget-friendly option for groups to share cost. Please note that the maximum number of people for a group is 5. Consider this service if you and your group have questions to guide discussion, or if you have a specific topic that you'd like me to cover.



Feedback Plus

Need a little more help than the Article Feedback option, but less than the One-on-One? I'll read one draft to provide feedback, guidance, and comments. I'll also suggest appropriate target journals. Additionally, we will have a 1 hour phone call to discuss comments, feedback, and etc.


Application editing

Applying for graduate school, a medical residency, or grant? Then this service is for you. I'll use my experience in the field to help you improve your application so you can stand out from the competition.




group guidance

-welcome emails with group leader to determine the aim of the meeting

-deliberative dialogue

-goal setting, trouble-shooting, or lecture on a specific topic

-wrap-up email with notes and final tips to the group

-up to 5 people



-1 month of unlimited email questions

-up to 3 drafts with suggested edits and comments

-up to 2 1-hour Skype sessions/phone calls

-3 suggested target journals



article feedback

-one time feedback on your academic article

-suggested edits and comments provided with track changes

-3 suggested target journals

-turn-around time: 1 week

Priced per word: $15/500 words ($0.03/word)


Application editing

-one time feedback on your documents

-questions and collaboration via email or Google Docs

-suggested edits and comments provided with track changes

-turn-around-time: 3 business days

Priced Per Word: $15/500 words ($0.03/word)

Feedback Plus

-one time feedback on your academic article

-suggested edits and comments provided with track changes

-3 suggested target journals

-1 hour phone call or Skype meeting to discuss areas needing improvement and answer questions

-turn-around time: 1 week

One time fee of $200


Abstract assistance

-two rounds of abstract edits

-suggested edits and comments provided with track changes

-questions and collaboration via email or Google Docs

-turn-around-time: 2 business days

One time fee of $20


Payments are accepted via PayPal only and must be received prior to the return of the document. Documents can be edited in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Open Office.

Disclaimer: Publishing is incredibly competitive. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that your article will be published or your dissertation be accepted. I can; however, provide you with a clear picture of the academic publishing world and teach you the skills necessary to improve your academic writing. The knowledge that you will gain from participating in one of my services will be useful throughout your writing career.




In May 2014, I graduated with my PhD in botany from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. My dissertation research focused on three aspects of Rhododendron conservation in Yunnan Province, China: 1) ethnobotany, 2) pollination biology, and 3) systematics and taxonomy.

I supported my field and lab research by applying for, and earning, numerous grants including an NSF IGERT, NSF GRFP, a National Geographic Young Explorer Grant, an American Rhododendron Society grant, and more.

I've gained experience in publishing by reading, writing, submitting, rewriting, and reviewing articles for several journals. Additionally, I've worked as an academic article editor since 2010; therefore, have learned first-hand where new authors or English as a second language authors struggle. I've also lectured science communication and science writing courses to Master's and PhD students at Vilnius University in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I want to use these cumulative experiences to help you get your dissertation chapters written and academic articles published.



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