Funnel-shaped Intros

In today's post, I wanted to discuss my favorite tip for organizing and writing an introduction for an academic STEM article. That is, organizing your introduction into an funnel or "V-shape." With some practice, writing your introduction as a funnel helps your readers to understand the main problem that you aim to address with your research.

Specifically, begin your introduction with a purposeful and focused, yet slightly broad statement. Continue by writing sentences that briefly explain related research and point to an area needing additional research. It is also helpful to point out the potential implications of such research. It is essential to add relevant citations into your introductions so your readers know that you are an authority on the topic. Proper internal citations must be used and plagiarism must be avoided.

Finally, finish off your introduction with a paragraph detailing your specific questions, aims, objectives, and hypotheses. This directs the reader to continue on to the next section of your article.