In May 2014, I graduated with my PhD in botany from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. My dissertation research focused on three aspects of Rhododendron conservation in Yunnan Province, China: 1) ethnobotany, 2) pollination biology, and 3) systematics and taxonomy.

I supported my field and lab research by applying for, and earning, numerous grants including an NSF IGERT, NSF GRFP, a National Geographic Young Explorer Grant, an American Rhododendron Society grant, and more.

I've gained experience in publishing by reading, writing, submitting, rewriting, and reviewing articles for several journals. Additionally, I've worked as an academic article editor since 2010; therefore, have learned first-hand where new authors or English as a second language authors struggle. I've also lectured science communication and science writing courses to Master's and PhD students at Vilnius University in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I want to use these cumulative experiences to help you get your dissertation chapters written and academic articles published.



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