-One month of unlimited email questions

-Up to two drafts with suggested edits and comments

-Up to two one-hour Skype sessions/phone calls

-Three suggested target journals


group guidance

-Welcome emails with group leader to determine the aim of the meeting

-Deliberative dialogue

-Goal setting, trouble-shooting, or lecture on a specific topic

-Wrap-up email with notes and final tips to the group

-Up to five people


article Editing

-One time feedback on your academic article

-Suggested edits provided with track changes and comments

-Suggested target journals or formatted for an identified target journal

-Availability via email or Google Docs chats to answer remaining

questions or discuss highlighted text

-Turnaround time: five business days

Priced per word: $15/500 words ($0.03/word)

Application editing

-One time feedback on your documents

-Questions and collaboration via email or Google Docs

-Suggested edits and comments provided with track changes

-Turn-around-time: three business days

Priced Per Word: $15/500 words ($0.03/word)

Abstract assistance

-Two rounds of abstract edits

-Suggestions provided with track changes and comments

-Questions and collaboration via email or Google Docs

-Turnaround time: two business days

One-time fee of $20


Payments are accepted via PayPal only and must be received prior to the return of the document. Documents can be edited in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Open Office.

Disclaimer: Publishing is incredibly competitive. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that your article will be published or your dissertation be accepted. I can, however, provide you with a clear picture of the academic publishing world and teach you the skills necessary to improve your academic writing. The knowledge that you will gain from participating in one of my services will be useful throughout your writing career.