I have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth for the past couple of years, and know her qualifications to be superb. As an ESL writer, sometimes it is hard to organize and write my message in the most concise and precise way. Working with this service I got a fast turn around time, with insightful comments on content and grammar corrections, all of which made my work and writing standout. I highly recommend this service to everyone, whether is to improve your English writing, or just to get a second impartial look at your work.
— Chris, MD, Ph.D.
I learned a lot about how to organize academic papers and rewrite sentences for us to read fluently. If I form good writing habits, it also benefits me to read other high-quality papers and think efficiently. Anyway, thanks again for all your help.
— Xing, Ph.D.
Elizabeth provided me with extensive feedback on a cover letter for an academic position. In addition to grammatical and typographic edits, she helped me transform the document from a dry, disorganized series of facts to a convincing and flowing application. Her experience as a teacher shows through her editorial work, as she is patient and willing to explain comments that she makes. Elizabeth has a sophisticated knowledge of the English language, has strong rhetorical skills, and delivers feedback in a kind tone.
— Alex, Ph.D.
I have known Elizabeth for more than ten years. We met in China when she was doing research and field investigations in Yunnan Province. It is amazing that it only took a year for her to learn Chinese and manage to communicate in it with locals. Until now, I have published 6 SCI papers and she helped me to correct my English writing in every one. Usually, I will send her my paper before submission. Then I will tell the journal editor that the language has been revised by a native English speaker before its submission to the journal. It worked every time that I received no more comments about the language from reviewers. Her service is not only including replacing proper words or reorganizing sentences, thanks to her talents on languages and her research background, she could also correctly get the true meaning of a poorly written text and sometimes point out neglected mistakes in a paper. I have benefited a lot from her service and recommend her to edit your papers.
— Jing, Ph.D.
As a Chinese scientist, I would like to share my scientific study results with the foreign colleagues. However, when introducing the achievements of scientific study to foreign counterparts, we face a problem: how to write and express correctly in English. Before I met Dr. Elizabeth Georgian, my colleagues and I wrote papers and contributions ourselves in English, or when manuscripts were finished, I asked foreign friends to help revise them and publish them smoothly. For a period of time, as cooperating with foreign colleagues, the manuscripts were also drafted by us, but through continuous communication with the collaborators, the language was checked by them, and the manuscripts could be accepted and published smoothly.

If all the manuscripts were written by my colleagues and myself, we would face the embarrassment that the text cannot be understood. Editors or reviewers would kindly propose to ask a native-language expert to revise and edit them before submitting.

In December 2016, under the introduction of a friend, I met Dr. Elizabeth Georgian. With her highly professional editing, not only can the manuscript be correctly understood and recognized by the editorial department and reviewers, but also the depth of the discussion has been enhanced and the theory has been significantly improved. With the help of Dr. Elizabeth Georgian, my team has published four papers in publications such as Zootaxa and Folia Primatol, and another one is under review.

I sincerely express thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Georgian from my heart.
— Zhou, Ph.D.